As we forge ahead into the new year, the team at Leading Edge Wealth Advisors (LEWA) is poised to continue the efforts that build on the foundations that shape the way we serve our clients. With additional efficiencies provided through technology enhancements and the expansion of our operational infrastructure, LEWA will be broadening our capacity to provide personalized advice based on our promise to act for the sole benefit and interest of our clients.

Over the past several years, we have introduced enhancements to the suite of services that LEWA provides through: LEWA Planning, LEWA Investments & LEWA Retirement Plans.

LEWA Planning: While recognizing the varying and expanding needs of our clients, and with the support of the infrastructures provided through Cambridge Investment Research, we have created three distinct Financial Planning service offerings through LEWA Planning: Basic, Intermediate & Advanced. Rolling out in 2021, we will be offering additional financial planning service options to include flat fee and hourly based programs. Additional tax planning integrations are also slated to take effect in the second half of 2021, as the need for in-depth and long-term tax planning becomes a higher priority for many clients.

LEWA Investments: Over the past several months, many of our investment clients will have noticed some updates to their portfolio allocations and communications. While continuing to offer a variety of investment management options to meet the varying needs of our clients, LEWA Investment’s suite of Advisor Directed Model Portfolios will be expanding to include additional strategies and options in 2021.

LEWA Retirement Plans: In conjunction with the enhanced service offerings and technology tools, the Retirement Plan division of LEWA, which provides support for 401ks and other employer sponsored plans, will also continue to build on its foundations to offer personalized services to plan participants and small business owners.

We are excited about these upcoming enhancement in 2021 appreciate your continued support.


Best wishes for a Happy New Year!


Shar Gogerdchi, CFP®


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