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We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and the individual care we provide to each client. In fact, we strive to treat your financial situation like we would a business – minimizing expenses and focusing on revenue growth. Our approach can be though of as “You, Inc.,” a business that enables us to help you clarify your goals and identify the strategies that will help you achieve them.

At Leading Edge, we work as a team to grow your financial opportunities just like we would a “You, Inc.” business. We believe our clients and their goals come first because when they reach their goals, we reach ours. Our team of leading financial professionals specializes in:

Investment Management
When planning for your future, we take a diverse and comprehensive approach, combining careful consideration and professional guidance to ensure all details are attended to. We begin with a clear understanding of where you are now and where you would like to be in the future. We evaluate your risk tolerance and asset allocation needs, and customize a professionally managed investment strategy that will help you achieve your investment goals.

Financial Planning
Financial planning is an ongoing process in which we work together to determine decisions that make the most sense for you today and into the future. We work to understand not only what is important to you, but why, so we can be prepared to make changes to your financial plan according to your values. Your life is expected to change, and we will continually monitor and review your financial progress and revise your plan as needed.

Retirement Planning
The goal of investing now is to ensure financial security later in life. Before building and protecting your assets and future, we need to create an action plan for achieving the retirement lifestyle you desire. We are committed to creating customized financial strategies built around your specific needs and resources, so you can have the confidence that your investments will take you beyond the accumulation phase and into retirement.


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