Coronavirus Fear Perspectives

Going back to our January newsletter, we spoke about the importance of having defense in your investment portfolios. This certainly has become evident this week.   At the end of December, we moved approximately 10% of our equity (stock) position to cash (money market)...

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Social Security Planning – Part 2

In our first segment on Social Security, published in the LEWA September 2019 blog, we looked at the history, purpose and ongoing challenges of Social Security and the important decisions facing retirees regarding when to start receiving benefits. In addition to...

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Happy New Year!

College football bowl season is so much fun especially if you are a college football fan.  This past weekend I watched my Alma Mater, Clemson, defeat Ohio State in the college football playoff semi-final game to advance to the college football playoff national...

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We Give Thanks

As we enter November and with Thanksgiving less than four weeks away, we thought we would take some time to mention the people and things in our lives we are thankful for. Too many times in our busy days we focus on the emergency de jour and we forget we have a lot to...

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Now or Later – Social Security & Longevity Risks

During the next 15 years, more people are projected to retire than in the previous history of the U.S., combined. This wave began when the 1st baby boomer, Kathy, started collecting Social Security back in 2007. According to Pew Research, the baby boom wave of...

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