Changing Conditions

As we head towards the mid-point of 2023, the month of June brings the onset of Summer and provides a great opportunity to reflect on what has happened so far and what may be ahead for the remainder of the year. While the weather has changed with the warm and humid...

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The Arithmetic of Gains and Losses

The first rule of investment management should be “Don’t lose money.” Clients entrust us with their life savings, their pot of gold, so that it can be a bigger pot sometime in the future, when they need to draw upon it for retirement income.   Generally, people like...

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Disinflation Information

We have been hearing a lot about inflation recently, what it means for the Economy, the Fed’s responsibility to keep it under control and how it affects the capital markets. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell spoke to congress this week, answering questions from...

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A Standup Guy

This was not the intended article for this space this month. I was going to write about the differences in the markets from 2022 and so far in 2023. I was going to talk about investment risk and reward and the benefits of having a plan. This was the intention until I...

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Market Cycles

With only a few weeks left in 2022, we will soon ring in the New Year and look back on this challenging year for the markets. Bond investors have experienced historic volatility and the traditional 60/40 portfolios, where 60% of your assets are in equities and the...

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2022 Year End Tax Planning Basics 

As we approach year-end, we would like to present you with some year-end tax planning recommendations. The window of opportunity for many tax-saving moves closes on December 31, so itis important to evaluate your tax situation now while there is still time to affect...

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The Financial Hurricane

2022 has not been a good year for stocks. As I write this, the four major indexes are all down for the year and down a lot. The S&P 500 is down -25%, the Dow -20%, Nasdaq -36% and MSCI All World Ex US is down -29% but even more shocking is the negative performance...

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Dear Ron Johnson

Dear Ron Johnson: Recently you came out in favor of changes to the Social Security program that would change the payments that are automatically included in the federal budget to payments that would have to be approved by Congress each year as discretionary spending....

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Back to School

With Summer days poolside, beachfront or boat cruising now fleeting, we prepare for the back-to-school rush. As we prepare for the Fall, new editions of textbooks and updates to academic curriculum are key to the back-to-school process, reflecting new data and...

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Time to Buy?

The second quarter has ended and we are now halfway through 2022.  The stock market has had its worst start since 1970.  I was not even alive in 1970, however, I have been a financial advisor since 1999 and have seen a number of stock market ups and downs including...

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Growth vs Value

When it comes to investing, does one build a personal portfolio slowly, with quality investments that grow steadily over time? Or does one build it quickly with stocks that will grow rapidly as their new products change the world? This is the classic growth versus...

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Stagflation Economics

Interest rate and bond market dynamics have been the focus of several of my posts over the years.  I write to you this month to share some additional perspectives on what has happened recently that may lead to a “Stagflation” scenario for the economy. Stagflation,...

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Cash Is King

Recently, clients have asked why we have so much cash in our portfolios. Our portfolios are usually going to be a mixture of stocks, bonds and cash. The more aggressive the portfolio, the greater our allocation to stocks. Until recently, stocks have outperformed both...

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Are You losing Sleep Over the Stock Market?

The first three months of this year have been volatile for the stock market.   Do you remember the game back in the 70’s and early 80’s called Pong?  I played it on my Atari.  It was so addicting but the whole game was just a ball bouncing back and forth.  This is...

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Happy Holiday’s Checklist

It is truly amazing how quickly each year goes by.  It feels like we just started 2021 and now it is about to be over.  Our whole Leading Edge Wealth Advisors (LEWA) Team would like to wish all of you a very happy and safe holiday season and we look forward to a great...

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